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  • December 31, 2016

    Junior Varsity Wrestlers Garner Runner-Up Finish

    December 30, 2016

    Versailles, OH- The Junior Varsity Wrestling Team travelled to Versailles on Friday and came away with a 2nd Place Team finish. Springboro won the tournament. Champions for the JV were Koleman Brown, Trevor Plaugher, Zach Miller, and Brenen Knueve. Other Placers were Caleb Pyles (2nd), Kaleb Brown (3rd), and Conner Barnett and Brennin Cooper (4th).

    Individual Redskin Results

    106lbs     Caleb Pyles     2nd Place

    Dolan Young (Covington) Decision over Caleb Pyles (Wapakoneta) 8-2

    Caleb Pyles (Wapakoneta) Fall over Andrew Stachler  (Greenville) 1:50

    Caleb Pyles (Wapakoneta) Fall over Elijah Webber (Springboro) 1:20

    Caleb Pyles (Wapakoneta) Fall over Michael Gust (Springboro) 1:02

    126lbs     Brennin Cooper   4th Place

    Maxwell Blitz Fall over Brenin Cooper (Wapakoneta) 1:00

    Brennin Cooper (Wapakoneta) Decision over Blake Downs (St. Marys) 14-13

    Austyn Bruno (Tippecanoe) Fall over Brennin Cooper (Wapakoneta) 1:03

    Nathan Wagner (Versailles) Fall over Brennin Cooper (Wapakoneta) 0:22

    132lbs     Kaleb Brown     3rd Place

    Kaleb Brown (Wapakoneta) Fall over Alex Sherwood (Springboro) 2:19

    Franklin Shimp (Versailles) Fall over Kaleb Brown (Wapakoneta) 5:12

    Cameron Chamberlin (Indian Lake) Decision over Kaleb Brown (Wapakoneta) 10-4

    152lbs     Koleman Brown       1st Place

    Koleman Brown (Wapakoneta) Fall over Ben Hole (Versailles) 3:59

    Koleman Brown (Wapakoneta) Fall over Brandon Singleton (Tippecanoe) 3:14

    Koleman Brown (Wapakoneta) Fall over Zech Moyer (Indian Lake) 0:51

    Koleman Brown (Wapakoneta) Fall over Jack Rennie (Springboro) 3:33

    160lbs     Trevor Plaugher   1st Place

    Trevor Plaugher (Wapakoneta) Fall over Lucas Moore (Tippecanoe) 2:40

    Trevor Plaugher (Wapakoneta) Fall over Skylar Ream (St. Marys) 0:17

    Trevor Plaugher (Wapakoneta) Fall over Remington Asher (Eaton) 0:39

    Trevor Plaugher (Wapakoneta) Fall over Josh Fink (Coldwater) 3:50

    182lbs     Conner Barnett 4th Place

    David Kellers (St. Marys) Fall over Conner Barnett (Wapakoneta) 2:51

    Conner Barnett (Wapakoneta) Fall over Rylee Halterman (Indian Lake) 0:12

    Gavin McReynolds (Covington) Fall over Conner Barnett (Wapakoneta) 1:48

    Ian Wilson (Covington) Fall over Conner Barnett (Wapakoneta) 2:48

    220lbs     Zach Miller     1st Place

    Zach Miller (Wapakoneta) Fall Over Bryce Keiser (Covington) 1:55

    Zach Miller (Wapakoneta) Fall Over Daniel Milby (Br0okville) 0:38

    Zach Miller (Wapakoneta) Fall Over Tony Weeden (Brookville) 0:20

    285lbs     Brenen Knueve   1st Place

    Brenen Knueve (Wapakoneta) Fall Over Jon Mitchell (Brookville) 0:45

    Brenen Knueve (Wapakoneta) Fall Over Braden Obringer (Coldwater) 0:30

    Brenen Knueve (Wapakoneta) Fall Over Jeff Shunk (Greenville) 0:16

    Brenen Knueve (Wapakoneta) Fall Over Dalton Noland (Eaton) 0:25

    Brenen Knueve (Wapakoneta) Fall Over Louden Keihl (Versailles) 0:55